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The Cold and Lovely : On Ellis Bell and More


Interview and Article by SPfreaks SPfreaks recently had a chance to catch up with Nicole Fiorentino and Meghan Toohey after their Record Release Party for their newest release, Ellis Bell. Ellis Bell (front cover) The Cold and Lovely recently had a Record Release Party for your new EP, Ellis Bell. How did it feel to showcase those songs for the first time? Meghan – It felt great. Because of some scheduling conflicts with Patty and Mel, we have a new drummer (Erin Tidwell) and keyboard player (Jennifer Goodridge) playing with us now and they are really adding new energy and […]

Smashing Pumpkins and The Frogs: A Brief History


Article by Arthur van Pelt For today’s article we will put the spotlight on The Frogs, or more accurately, on the two brothers, Dennis and Jimmy Flemion, who founded the band.  Since it is a little over half a year ago that Dennis Flemion passed away at the age of 57, we thought it would be appropriate to honor the many years that Smashing Pumpkins and The Frogs joined forces.  From one of the ‘Collecting to the Extreme’ episodes we know that the Flemion brothers did additional vocals on “To Sheila” and “Behold! The Night Mare” on the Adore album, but in […]

Billy Corgan’s old band: Remove That Bible


Article by Arthur van Pelt May we call this the biggest Smashing Pumpkins news in several years? A few of our members found out that Billy Corgan, for several months in the early 1980s, played the bass in a band called Remove That Bible! That band also went by the name The Marinetti’s in later years. But more important, a tape from that era called Ancient Times, has surfaced. It was handed over to us by 1 of Billy’s Bible bandmates called Jerome Greenway. We will bring an exclusive interview with Jerome soon too. Meanwhile, on our Forum you can […]

Glass and the Machines of God / a Modern Fable


Written by Billy Corgan  (around halfway 2000) (Copied from official website of Smashing Pumpkins and stored here on 2012/09/29 for historical purposes) somewhere in the not so distant future, we may find a world of not so subtle torments…for amidst the rubble of urban decay and barren wastelands find wander a billion shattered souls…disconnected from themselves by impersonal technologies and personal cause…one such soul is the center of our story, and his name is GLASS…he is the lead singer of THE MACHINES OF GOD, and he believes that GOD itself has asked him to try to change the world…this poses two […]