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#136A Progressive 
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(Pic and info from eBay)

Telegenics video, Volume 12, #136A Progressive

1994 Telegenics, Inc.

Soundgarden “Black Hole Sun”

Therapy? “Die Laughing”

Smashing Pumpkins “Rocket”

Stone Temple Pilots “Vasoline”

Spin Doctors “Cleopatra’s Cat”

MC 900 Ft. Jesus “If I Only Had A Brain”

Quench “Dreams”

Juno Reactor “Hi Energy Proton”

Beautiful People “If 60’s Was 90’s” (Remix)

Primal Scream “Jailbird”

Nine Inch Nails “Closer” (Uncensored)

Helmet “Milktoast” (From ‘The Crow’)

Alice In Chains “I’ll Stay Away”

Beastie Boys “Sabotage”

Out Of The Box presents…

Horse “God’s Home Movie”

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  • Rocket
    •  1 . Rocket

      Title extra: 1993 SD version

      Length: 4:06

      BMI Number: 1776746

      MORE +

      Bleed in your own light
      Dream of your own life
      I miss me
      I miss everything I’ll never be
      And on, and on
      I torch my soul to show
      The world that I am pure
      Deep inside my heart
      No more lies
      A crown of horns
      An image formed deformed
      The mark I’ve borne
      A mark of scorn to you
      Consume my love, devour my hate
      Only powers my escape
      The moon is out, the stars invite
      I think I’ll leave tonight
      So soon I’ll find myself alone
      To relax and fade away
      Do you know what’s coming down
      Do you know I couldn’t stay free?
      I shall be free
      I shall be free
      I shall be free
      I shall be free
      I shall be free free
      Free of those voices inside me
      I shall be free
      I shall be free

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