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“The Indic magazine was born in November 1991 in Strasbourg. Initially, it is a student project at the initiative of Claudine and Jean-Christophe Celli Panek. The idea is to create a “Greater East rock magazine” that showcases every two months the current state of pop-rock at Strasbourg, Nancy, Metz and Mulhouse. The number 1 poster on the cover is of the group Kat Onoma, photographer is Rodolphe Burger. Very quickly, success is there and for nearly two years, the magazine allows many groups of Alsace & Lorraine origin to become known and noted (Dual Nelson, Davy Jones Locker, The Squares, Atomic Kids, Scum Boys, MAD …), without forgetting some strong initiatives that characterize the 1990s as the creation of the Federation Hiero Mulhouse. Local groups are particularly emphasized, but also nationwide artists and groups (Arthur H, Noir Desir) and international bands (Suede, Fishbone) are mentioned through its pages .. When number 10 is issued (November 1993), the magazine goes into national distribution. Main article is called No One Is Innocent and a special report is dedicated to Transmusicales de Rennes. Not very usual, but the magazine continues to be pressed from the province. Among the groups set forth by the bimonthly: Noir Desir, Beck, Arno, Jeff Buckley, Miossec, Oasis, Pulp, Smashing Pumpkins, The Auteurs, … Image-wise, the Indic magazine is particularly appealling to a Parisian photographer, Philippe Mazzon. He monopolizes virtually all of them from number 22 on to the edition with the band Pulp. In September 1996, the Indic magazine is a monthly magazine. In March 1998, the title goes out after seven years of existence. The last number shows the band Tortoise on the cover. End of the adventure.”

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