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DIDX-038300 1 IFPI L326 IFPI 502F 
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  • Pure Concrete Show #9
    •  1 . Where Boys Fear To Tread

      Length: 4:22

      Written By:

      BMI Number: 2107463

      Additional Info: The studiotrack samples the rocket launcher explosion from an id Software's game called Doom. This sound effect points to the relationship between Doom and the Smashing Pumpkins in the "SPISPOPD" (an abbreviation for Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles Of Putrid Debris) joke, dating from December 1993. The Doom explosion, mentioned in the liner notes of MCIS, can be heard at the following times: 1:20 / 1:55 / 2:29 / 3:01 / 3:44.

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      Candy cane walks down

      To build a bonfire, to break my fall

      My baby, my sweet thing

      Just maybe we could lose ourselves this time

      King of the horseflies, dark prince of death

      His tragic forces are heaven sent

      In sweet things, in a lovers breath

      In knowing this was meant to be the last

      A go-go-kids, a go-go-style

      A suck suck kiss, a suck suck smile

      As always, in young need

      A veiled promise to never die

      On dead highways, her black beauties roam

      For june angels, so far from home

      For a love lost, a faded picture

      To tread lightning, to ink the lavender skies

      So get on the bomb

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