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“This is a “Sassy” magazine from March 1994–the sixth-anniversary issue & full of prom stuff. Aside from the address label on the cover, this magazine is in near-perfect condition. Contents & notable stories include:

profiles of three teenagers locked up in a maximum-security prison; Mary Ann teaches readers how to shed their wussy behavior & be assertive; Margie visits a school for the deaf & reports back about the proud deaf

culture that exists; a story on how to handle a freaked out, crazy-seeming cat; alternative prom stylings for that perfect 1994 prom look (hint: your date should have long unwashed hair, & you may want to consider anklets with tap shoes); a fashion story in which models dress up as a young Bob Dylan (I wonder if Cate Blanchett took tips from this story?); Margie presciently fawns over a young Ben Stiller, who was yet to finish editing “Reality Bites”; Jay Mohr is the “One to Watch”; Greg Dulli from the Afghan Whigs tackles the “Dear Boy” column; “About Face” features Nature’s Glow lip gloss in a ton, which I only mention because I went on to be obsessed with that stuff for ten straight years; staffers review “Backbeat,” Jawbox, Banana Yoshimoto, & more; James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins writes about his dog; Noise Addict is the Cute Band Alert; & more! Classic “Sassy” at its finest!”

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