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72392 75489-2 
7 23927 54892 8 
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72392754892 + + 61377-01 SONOPRESS USA IFPI 1009 
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This could be a very rare release, as the story goes that Billy Corgan didn’t agree on re-releasing Jackie Blue in 1995. This USA release is said to be withdrawn, but an Italian release is still available. Who knows how and what?

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  • 20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions!
    •  1 . Jackie Blue

      Length: 3:51

      Written By:

      Additional Info: Cover of The Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

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      Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue

      Lives a life from inside of her room

      Hides a smile when she’s wearing a frown

      Ooh, Jackie, your not so down

      You like your life in a free form style

      You’ll take it in and spread your love a mile

      There never seems to be quite enough

      Loving around us when your loving comes

      Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue

      What’s a game, ooh, that you never lose

      Ask a winner and you’ll probably find

      Ooh, Jackie they lost you some time

      Don’t try tell me that you’re not aware

      Of what you’re doing and that you don’t care

      You say that it’s easy, just a natural thing

      Like playing music that you’ve never seen

      Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue

      Making wishes that never come true

      Going places where you’ve never been

      Ooh, Jackie, you’ve blown it again

      Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue

      Lives a life from inside her room

      Makes you think that life is a drag

      Ooh, Jackie, what fun you have had

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