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Uncertain year of release, based on online research we think this CD is manufatured in 2006 or 2007. The website mentioned on the ring of the cd does not exist anymore, it is now. From that website:

“In the early ’90s, TM Communications, Inc. and Century 21 Programming, Inc. merged to form TM Century, Inc. In 2006, TM Century was acquired by Jones Media Group®, Ltd. (JMG) and became Jones TM, Inc. Finally, in 2008 Jones Media Group was acquired by Triton Media/Dial-Global and JonesTM became TM Studios, Inc.”

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  • CMJ New Music August No. 2
    •  1 . Mayonaise

      Title extra: 1993 SD version

      Length: 5:49

      Written By:

      BMI Number: 1776131

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      Fool enough to almost be it
      Cool enough to not quite see it
      Pick your pockets full of sorrow
      And run away with me tomorrow
      We’ll try and ease the pain
      But somehow we’ll feel the same
      Well, no one knows
      Where our secrets go
      I send a heart to all my dearies
      When your life is so, so dreary
      I’m rumored to the straight and narrow
      While the harlots of my perils
      And I fail
      But when I can, I will
      Try to understand
      That when I can, I will
      Mother weep the years I’m missing
      All our time can’t be given
      Shut my mouth and strike the demons
      That cursed you and your reasons
      Out of hand and out of season
      Out of love and out of feeling
      So bad
      When I can, I will
      Words defy the plans
      When I can, I will
      Fool enough to almost be it
      And cool enough to not quite see it
      And old enough to always feel this
      Always old, I’ll always feel this
      No more promise no more sorrow
      No longer will I follow
      Can anybody hear me
      I just want to be me
      When I can, I will
      Try to understand
      That when I can, I will

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