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SP 90 (grey vinyl) 
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The total pressing for this single in all color variations is estimated on 7,500, like most Sub Pop releases from that time. The grey version is estimated on 200-300 copies. For the moment we set the amount pressed to 200.

It is quite commonly believed that “the grey vinyl 7″s are the result of the pressing plant not changing the wax color between the pink and black pressings”. This is not true, however. Pette Discographies, specialized in Sub Pop vinyl releases, explained to us in an interview (May 2011):

Combining pink and black vinyl does not produce gray vinyl.

Rather, the end-product is a purple hybrid. Luckily, this is not just an opinion — it’s happened before with another Sub Pop release. The color produced by combining pink and black vinyl can be seen for example with a color variation of the 7″ of the Rollins Band – I Know You.

Too many gray copies exist on the market.

If the gray vinyl was the result of a color overlap, the quantities produced would be exceedingly scarce — potentially 30 to 40, at best. It will never be known exactly how many gray copies were pressed, but based purely on scarcity, it is estimated somewhere in the 200-300 range.

The range of color is inconsistent with a mistake.

An erroneous pressing resulting from leftover vinyl in the plates would display a wide range of color from one copy to another. However, this is not the case. All known copies are the same standard marbled gray color.

Sub Pop is misleading. Often.

Sometimes it’s intentional, but many times, it is not. The fact that they did not disclose a gray pressing does not mean anything. Many colors for other releases have also never been mentioned. For example, note the Afghan Whigs’ single, Sister Brother. Sub Pop talked about the red and black vinyl, but never mentioned all of the other colors that they produced. The same applies to the Nirvana Sliver single — they mentioned the blue and black version, but none of the many other variations.

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Track List

  • Tristessa
    •  1 . Tristessa

      Title extra: Smart Studio 1990.??.?? version

      Length: 3:40

      Written By:

      BMI Number: 1545694

      MORE +

      Jesus loves his babies

      Outside in the sunshine

      I don't mind, no I don't mind

      Jesus loves his babies

      Even when they're out of line

      I don't mind, no I don't mind

      I'm fine

      Jesus loves his crazies

      Keepin' pace with her rhyme

      I don't mind, no I don't mind

      Jesus loves his babies

      Outside in the

      Outside in the sun/shine (doubletracked and overlapping)


      Over him

    •  2 . La Dolly Vita

      Title extra: Smart Studio 1990.??.?? Version #1

      Length: 4:15

      BMI Number: 1995926

      Additional Info: Take 1 of La Dolly Vita.

      MORE +

      I lay my head on her bosom
      To cry myself to sleep
      I seek no greater wisdom
      Than she has given me
      La dolly vita
      Sweet as true love
      La dolly vita
      Cool as ice cream
      Cool as ice cream
      Even with all her visions
      You can’t even stop
      Can’t see what you’re missing
      Spinning like a top
      Fade away I want to see her
      Fade away I want to see her
      I only want to meet her
      La dolly vita
      True as blue sky
      La dolly vita
      Cool as ice cream
      Cool as ice cream
      Take it all the way down
      Forsake what you have known
      Take it all the way down

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