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At the time Billy Corgan released this single from his solo album TheFutureEmbrace, it was a rather unique concept to release it as a DVD. Walking Shade appears in 2 versions, the video (first track) and the audio only version (second track).

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  • Walking Shade
    •  1 . Walking Shade

      Title extra: video

      Length: 3:14

      Written By:

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      Look at ya now

      Look at ya

      Torn estates

      Took forever

      Couldn't wait on words, on sound

      I just want you so

      You're everything, so cold

      The perfume of your rose in bloom

      I just want you so

      Anywhere I go

      The chase, the bells below

      Taken from my soul

      On the 9th day god created shame

      I'm out walking shade

      To brush these fires aside

      To calm the rising fight

      To build you a new life

      Should you choose

      I've picked the best for you

      It's your turn and my time to test

      I'll second guess the rest

      Look at ya now

      Look at ya

      Nothin's faced

      Took advantage of my faith and called me out

      I just want you so

      You're everything I'm told

      Dumb enough to scold this tongue

      I just want you so

      Anywhere I go

      A kingdom for your rain

      A pocket for your soul

      I just want you so

      You're everything although

      The risk is getting close to you

      I'm out walking shade

      The sun is going out

      The word is getting round

      That I just want you so

    •  2 . -Interviews From “THERE”-

      Length: 4:39

      Additional Info: Interview with Billy Corgan, appearing on the Walking Shade DVD single.

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