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Mandocello - live 1998/??/??

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I can hear you laughing
You’re a million miles away or you’re here
I will never leave you
But I’m a million miles away and I’m near
I’m the thoughts you’re thinking
But you’re a lifetime away from your home or you’re here
I, I can see you crying
You’re a million nights away or you’re here
Look at me, like I look at you
Think of me, like I think of you
Speak to me, like I spoke to you
Dream of me, how I dream of you
I can hear you thinking
You’re a million thoughts away
I’m the dreams you’re dreaming
I’m a million dreams away or I’m near
We can go down slowly like the rain
I can even be with you again, oh
I can be your lover, let’s pretend
Oh no


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Billy Corgan played together with Cheap Trick this song live in Cabaret Metro Chicago in 1998.

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