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5099967928927 (boxed set) 
5 099967 928927 
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This set is also known as Siamese Dream Deluxe Edition. Each individual cd/dvd is housed in a cardsleeve (pics 6-11). This release comes with a 24 page booklet (pics 12-13, front and back only), several postcards (pics 14-17), a small SPRC* card with a download code for “one (1) free rare, unreleased track” (pics 18-19), a sticker on the plastic wrap (pic 20), and a paper leaflet on the back (pic 21).

Other release codes

Siamese Dream cd: 5099967929221

bonus cd “Lollipop Fun Time”: 5099967929320

bonus dvd “Live At The Metro, 1993”: 5099967928996

All matrix codes

Siamese Dream cd: DIDX-774628 1 IFPI L329 B06 IFPI AKN10

bonus cd: DIDX-777604 1 IFPI L328 B02 IFPI AKN0C

bonus dvd: DVDL-3134900A1 1 IFPI L330 B05 DVDL-3134900B1 1 IFPI L333 B03 IFPI AKN75

Note the little sticker on the dvd that says “FSK ab 0 freigegeben”. The FSK logo is used in Germany, and it means “Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft”. It’s a German motion picture rating system, in this case meaning that this dvd can be watched by an audience of all ages. Other local stickers of this type might, or might not, appear on this release. Also note the little typo: on the insert on the back, on the tracklist for the dvd, it says “Down” instead of “Drown”.

*SPRC = Smashing Pumpkins Record Club

Track List