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“A non-genre specific tribute with all profits going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois. It was organized by Neil Main, a fan from the UK, and sold as a companion CD at the first Act IV-A Tirbute To The Smashing Pumpkins charity concert at the Metro in Chicago. It includes contributions by artists/SP fans from across the world.

It was hand-numbered and was initially a limited edition release of 200 copies. After an endorsement by Billy Corgan, the album quickly sold out and a 2nd pressing of 200 copies was made, also hand-numbered.”

Tracks of interest:

01. Glass and the Ghost Children – Lost Logic

02. Siva – Divine Invasion

03. Starla – Gloomy Art Rawk

04. Rhinoceros – Nick Liappis

05. Drown – Interstate 8

06. Disarm – Ketamine

07. Home – Lindsey Kuper

08. Medellia of the Gray Skies – The 4th Phase

09. Stand Inside Your Love – Sebastian A. Bach

10. Moleasskiss – Christophe Thibault

11. If There Is a God – Icarus

12. Eye – D’arcy (band named after the former Pumpkins’ bassist, not including her)

13. Heavy Metal Machine – Joao Miguel

14. Mayonaise – Slightly Dysfuncational

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