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6 02537 40845 0 
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(see below) 
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Additional Information

Note the typo in the lyrics section of the booklet (last row, first picture): Meladori Magpipe. It should have been Meladori Magpie. Also note that on disc 6, named “Live Inside the Dark Globe”, one track is called Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans/Beautiful/Drown. In fact it was not a tease of Drown being played, but a tease of Rocket.

Matrix code disc 1: A01 IFPI L327 DIDX-972847 1 IFPI 50D3

Matrix code disc 2: IFPI L327 DIDX-972848 1 A01 IFPI 50F8

Matrix code disc 3: A01 IFPI L327 DIDX-972850 1 IFPI 50D8

Matrix code disc 4: IFPI L329 DIDX-972851 1 A01 IFPI 50DD

Matrix code disc 5: A01 IFPI L328 DIDX-972852 1 IFPI 50FB

Matrix code disc 6: A02 IFPI L329 DIDX-972853 1 IFPI 50AB

Matrix code disc 7: IFPI L332 DVSS-5145820A1 1 A02 IFPI ??02*

*?? Means it is unreadable.