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Question Mark - live 2007/06/23

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What is this writing in between us?
What is the question posed?
Where is this violence i sense creeping?
What is your secret code?
I wanna know!
Why are the pipers calling towards us?
Where are the makeshifts shown?
Why are you smiling daggers at me?
Do you know it’s far too cold…
It’s the song I sing.
It’s the song I sing.
I’m forming the tones
Smokerings around the square,
I’m telling the throne
There is a place you’ll explode
And I’m getting close…
To an answer,
To my questions
To myself
Notions are wrong,
What does a narcisist (sting?) you follow
When I’m laying low
Where must the cabins reap for nothing?
And must the depths of hell be neatly sewn?
I have to know…
Why are the crows crowing boldly?
I found there is a link in hell,
While the young men know not arising
What is the unknown key to your lost soul?
I got to know…
I race uptown,
Bleeding like some kind of bitch,
I’m down on my knees
Digging a new kinda ditch,
Grace don’t fit in words,
But no answers to my question…
It’s a song I sing,
It’s a song I sing,
Float to town…
(one two three),
I follow the town to let me common there (?)
The last nonsense(?) from your face,
A total witch
Must float upstream
While I soak in like the sweet dream,
What is this blood you drink like wine for?
Are you not still breaking in?
What does the face of death you cut say
When it comes to tuck you in?
It’s the song I sing…
It’s the song I sing,
It’s the song I sing,
Fighting for the spoils of madness
What are these sores you lick
That are ice cream?
You had the edge,
You had the past,
For an instance there,
Bracing for…
It’s the song I sing,
It’s the song I sing
I keep telling you,
I keep telling you,
I keep telling you,
I don’t want this song,
I keep telling you,
I keep telling you,
I don’t want this song,
It’s the song I sing


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Working title? Acoustic.

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