Lucky 13

Original Lyrics

It’s in blood

I suppose

Breaking jars

I’m no good

As the prodigal son

And I know that you’re mesmerized

You had a vision, made these laws

And sanitized, are we above desires

I miss him so

You are so fucked

It has begun

Revolution crawls

All over you

I was listening

You light up the sky

And scrape out your skull

Your lovely face

Will never be claimed thrice

And we’re so unlikely to

Upon my wrists I bear the cross

My losses mount as I climb across the home

Of my own soul

I’ll claim my prize

I don’t exist

I am divine

A ghost with eyes

(Billy: yeah, vietnam.)

(James: you headin’ to vietnam?)

(Unknown: yes, I need to be at the co-op.)

(Unknown: thanks dude.)

(Jimmy: I’m jungle-drummed out, man.)


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