Soot And Stars

Original Lyrics

The words flow

Decisions made

Idea’s mine

But the inspiration not

Dreams of hangers-on

Dreams of getting well

Spells of esmeralda

Amarose fortold

Splinters in the eye

Sentiments remain

Bones are never asked

Where are we going to

It was never up to me

And yet I pushed until it broke

I love the open road

And all that it suggests

Wheelwagon dust

Weeds and infidelities

And always swore our love

Never questioned why

In a wooden house

Immovable and silent

And drinking strawberry wine

Forever lost in town

And through the sleeping streets

Nightbound and heavy

Wheels in a spoke

Just a spoken foreign sound

Know my gates are high

My friends even higher

Forgotten in my mind

Yet the scars still lingering

Cloud the blue skies

I’m jealous of you birds

Was the only truth

In a world full of words

Hear the prairie sound

In a friend called neil

The heart is pointed down

But my spirit pointed up

His voice the siren

Of greek mythology

I pause with my pen

I begin to defend

Every action taken

Every moment sealed

When I was quick

It coursed through open veins

The will to live

The urgency to move

Behind a panel door

Sealing cherry stain

I played my guitar

And lived those lonesome notes

Like a dog that’s down

In a corner just aside

Waiting to be called

Waiting to be yours

Ghosts of a machine

Without purpose or will

I’ll often speak of you

But the you was always me

‘Cause when I speak of me

It’s me I ask of you

So let there be no truth

Just trickery in rhymes

Time the only thing

Waiting still is death

I hope for resolution

Pray one defining moment

Pause without restraint

Barren without child

A child is who I was

A child is who I’ll die

A child is who I’ll die

Soot in my hair

And stars in my hands

Soot in my hair

And stars in my hands

Soot in my hair

And stars in my hands


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