Pomp And Circumstances

Original Lyrics

When I was born I lost

When I was freed I fought

Now that I’m loved I’m caught

Between the rest and this tragic mess

An invited guest

Torn, broken and frayed

Oh don’t we face

War, sunshine and grace

Oh won’t you stay

For a while

We can fail in style

I can hold your smile

For a while

What was once new now gone

What was once praised now wrong

As they go, we can say we know

But what do we know

But warm sunshine and graves

Don’t we see

What’s bitter to taste

Torn, broken and frayed

Don’t we face

War, sunshine and graves

Won’t you stay

‘Cause I won’t tell

I won’t tell a soul

That I’m mad as hell

Torn, broken and frayed

I’m torn, broken and frayed

No, I’m cold, worn out and shamed


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From Zeitgeist track by track interview:

"Billy had a sketch of that one that was just him at the organ at first. And I think I was the first cheerleader for that song. I thought the melody and the use of space was so compelling. Even though I play busily myself, I’m a sucker for a lot of space in songs.” Jimmy Chamberlin

“I played it for Jimmy and he’s usually my BS meter, and he loved it. Then I played it for an ex-girlfriend, and she started crying, and it didn’t even have lyrics yet. So then we talked about getting an orchestra, but instead we got an old Emulator--the Art of Noise keyboard--and built the track around that.” Billy Corgan