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Born of love and cast in light

Don’t you know we cannot die

We are stars

We are

We are stars

We are

We are stars

We are

The stars above, stars of grace

Shining down what’s left of face

You hurt so bad

This knowing, this fallacy

I want so much

To follow as I lead

For love I keep

Silent I weep

Dead suns rule dead air

But heaven is everywhere


Torn from god and flung towards night

Don’t you want what I can’t fight

We are stars

We are

We are stars

We are

We are stars

We are

The stars that shine, stars that bleed

Silver seeking destiny

So follow please

This hurts so much

This knowing carries me

We want so bad

We forget we are free

Spirit smile on

Deep black diamond

So rise the lost toys

Island of white noise

And purple haze

We are starz

We are starz

We are starz

What hurts so much

Is knowing we are free!


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From Zeitgeist track by track interview:

“I originally wanted this song to sound sort of as if it were from that weird period from 1972-1974 when bands started going metal like Judas Priest but a lot of it still sounded poppy like the Sweet. I wanted ‘Starz’ to sound like that, but of course then Roy blew it up into some other thing. Yes, I am aware that there was a band Starz back then. Now I’m going to have to buy their stuff.” Billy Corgan

“That’s Roy being Roy--as only he can.” Jimmy Chamberlin